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Issue 43 | 2021

Issue 43



Life Sciences and The Ecosystem Paradigm

In April this year three companiesUS real estate investment company Harrison Street UK real estate group Trinity Investment Management and Nottinghambased science business incubator BioCitymerged to create Britains largest life sciences ecosystem to strengthen RD and drug discovery in the country



If you’re not thinking ecosystems, you’re not thinking

To an ecologist an ecosystem is a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment This concept helps us to see that ecosystems in the life science industry are not simply subparts or the market or the industry They have wide boundaries and those boundaries blur and overlap with other ecosystems

An Overview of Clinical Overview

A Clinical Overview is an integrated document intended to provide critical analysis of Pharmacology Efficacy and Safety of the pharmaceutical agent in humans It is one of the important documents of Module of the Common Technical Document CTD ie Module which refers to the data provided in the comprehensive clinical summary the individual clinical...

China’s New PRC Biosecurity Law

Key implications for international players

Against the background of the COVID global pandemic China fasttracked and passed last year its first national biosecurity law Biosecurity Law The law which took effect on April of this year adds another key component to Chinas overall national security

Research & Development


Importance of accelerated clinical trials for evidence-based treatments

Over the past year the COVID pandemic has heightened the urgency for clinical research to understand the disease uncover treatment plans and develop vaccines to treat a disease that was once unknown to the world It was equally crucial that findings were swiftly made available to the public to prevent misleading information from undermining the publ...

Immune System and COVID-19

Management and potential therapies

In December a pneumonia outbreak occurred in Wuhan city of China that quickly spread across the world and posed serious public health emergency On January novel coronavirus severe respiratory disease syndrome coronavirus SARSCoV was identified as the cause of outbreak in Wuhan


Recent developments and prospects for the treatment of various diseases

Nanotherapeutics is the branch of nanotechnology that deals with the application of nanoparticulate drug delivery systems to treat or manage diseases by specific delivery of a therapeutic agent to a targeted location in the body

How to Study Drug Transport at Biological Interfaces

Drugs as small or mediumsized molecules nanometer in diameter typically possess both lipophilic and hydrophilic properties For a drug molecule to reach its intracellular target it usually needs to cross several barriers including mucus gel layer intestinal epithelial cells capillary endothelium and finally membrane of target cells

Clinical Trials


Traditional drug development can be timeconsuming and demands high investment Recent advances in medicine with the availability of certain powerful tools are enabling researchers to understand the inner workings of human disease at the molecular level therefore leading to increased demand and potential of discovering and developing innovative medic...



A potential approach to address bottleneck issue of drug resistant cancer

Cancer is characterised by unrestrained growth of abnormal cells which have potential to alter genome dynamically Invasion of nearby tissues and ability to metastasise by such cells hamper the normal biofunction of healthy cells

Identifying Routine and Challenging Clinical Pathogens with MALDITOF MS

Clinical microbiology research plays a vital role in improving the diagnosis of infectious diseases drug guidance hospital infection control and antimicrobial drug management Traditional biochemical identification methods are relatively complex and cumbersome and cannot fully meet the requirements of turnover time sample diversity and identificatio...



In every molecule is the possibility for better health

From our humble beginnings two decades ago offering chemistry and informatic services to a small group of clientele we have now grown into a Partner of Choice for both large pharmaceutical firms and cutting edge biotechs

Emirates SkyCargo

In the time of COVID

The COVID pandemic had a massive impact on the aviation and air cargo industry globally As part of our normal business we transport cargo on dedicated freighter aircraft and also in the bellyhold of our passenger flights

Pharmaceutical Grade Quats and Recombinant Insulin

A global and leading supplier

Novo Nordisk Pharmatech AS is a global and leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical ingredients for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries

Toxic-sterile ChargingIsolator for Preparation Vessel

Tailor made solutions for your needs

FPS is an Italian company specialised in the design and manufacture of containment systems and micronisation solutions for the handling and production of active pharmaceutical ingredient and sterile pharmaceuticals FPS is focused on pharmaceutical biotech and chemical companies all over the world Eighteen years after its foundation

RoundRobin Tech Services

RoundRobin Tech Services is formed by a team of professionals having more than years of experience in the Internet Security Network Infrastructure Sector We define ourselves as a ValueAdded Distributor focused in distributing the most innovative solutions available whilst ensuring that these provide great value for money for our partners and thei...