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Continuous Employee Screening in Pharma Industry

The new normal?



The Evolution of Brand Strategy

As the pharmaceutical market transforms, so does the meaning of brand strategy

The basic structure of brand strategy evolved decades ago and has barely changed since Its key componentsclinical indication advantages and communication methodsare relics of a time when professionals prescribed on the basis of clinical claims and li..

The Importance of Post-Hire Screening in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Preemployment background checks are generally wellaccepted as part of the hiring process in highlyregulated sectors such as the pharmaceutical industry But what happens posthire once a new employee is onboard and welcomed into the company While many ..

Biosimilars Interchangeability

Regional views aren’t interchangeable

With many biosimilars reaching the market interchangeabilitysubstitution with the reference product has become a hot topic The FDA has released draft guidance on this topic requiring specific and quite complex study designs to demonstrate interchange..

Setting up a Pharmacovigilance System

Pharmacovigilance is a complex process for which robust systems are essential A strong PV system is an important part of the overall medicinal product Regulatory system It reflects on the stringency and competence of the Regulatory bodies in regulati..

Research & Development

Reaching a New Innovation Threshold

How can we make it happen?

This article talks about how the difficulty of getting reimbursement in the US and Europe for novel therapeutics especially ones based on innovative new technology platforms renders such products less available in AsiaPacific as well since twothirds ..

Clinical Trials

Managing Clinical-Trial Agreements

Clinical Trial Agreements set out how a clinical trial will be run at the site and are an essential GCP document There are a number of key factors that determine whether a Clinical Trial Agreement is successful in achieving that purpose which we will..


System Engineering for a Novel Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Process

Currently pharmaceutical industries are going under paradigm shift from traditional batch to novel continuous manufacturing Such a novel continuous plant has been built at CSOPS which is being adapted by several pharmaceutical companies The Continuou..

Modelling and its Applications in Solids-based Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Processes

The development of solidsbased pharmaceutical manufacturing has been facilitated by the use of process modelling and simulationbased process analysis methods Such in silico approaches are implemented to efficiently predict process behaviours identify..

Safe and Secure

Packaging\\\'s role in combating counterfeit drugs

Counterfeiting is currently one of the biggest challenges that the pharmaceutical industry is facing and the amount of counterfeit drugs in the market globally is continuing to grow In this article Essentra explains how packaging can help to tackle t..



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