Pharma Focus Asia Magazine


Asia\'s two-fold opportunity

The Asian pharmaceutical industry presents a twofold opportunity to the troubled world of the global pharma industry..


Outsourcing preclinical and clinical R&D to China

In the coming years China will become an important player in local and global healthcare from both provider and utilisation perspectives..


Negotiating with the USTR

Should it be impossible to exclude the issue of intellectual property from a bilateral negotiation with the USTR much care should be taken in setting the terms of negotiation..

Understanding the psyche of Asian pharma consumers

Is there a win-win partnering strategy?

The pharmaceutical industry needs to revisit its doctorheavy marketing strategies to succeed in this continent..


Introducing patient-centred models

Companies preparing for the implementation of pharmacoeconomic guidelines in Asia have an opportunity to use those resources for purposes other than justifying government reimbursement..

Pharmaceutical Marketing

Strategies for Asia Pacific

Success in Asia will depend upon the ability of marketers to navigate the local environment with globally developed products..

Research & Development

Biopharma Convergence

Heralding a new era

Biopharma convergence seems to be the panacea for pharma companies struggling with weak RD productivity and biotech firms facing funding shortfalls..

Challenges for R&D success in China

Novo Nordisk\'s experience

For pharma RD success in China the essence is to know how the local environment will support or pose challenges to the characteristics of an effective organisation..

Clinical Trials


Clinical Trial Strategies for Small Pharma

Utilising a company that is based in China and understands both ICH GCP and China SFDA GCP requirements is very important for ensuring clinical trial integrity and success..

Growth in Japanese Clinical Trials Market

Regulatory changes and the acceptance of foreign clinical data have fuelled growth of the clinical trial sector in Japan..


Integration of Packaging Innovations

The earlier understanding that packaging is not consumed by the enduser therefore it need not be considered an integral part of the drug is fast fading off..

RFID in Pharma

An Asian perspective

RFID is performing functions relevant to pharmaceutical distribution and administration..


An economical alternative

Orally disintegrating tablets are an emerging trend in formulation gaining popularity due to ease of administration and better patient compliance for geriatric and pediatric patients..

Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC™)

UPLC presents the possibility to extend and expand the utility of conventional HPLC a widely used separation science UPLC presents the possibility to extend and expand the utility of conventional HPLC a widely used separation science The ACQUITY UPLC..

Micro and Nanotechnologies

From R&D to drug delivery

Micro and nanotechnologies will have a high impact on the pharmaceutical industry making the way to personalized therapy for better treatment efficiency and fewer side effects..

BaychroMAT® CellCount

A platform for online analytical measurements

Fully automated control of fermentation processes on the basis of cell count is now possible in a production environment for the first time..

Information Technology


Digital Pharma Initiative

Digital Pharma will enable lifesciences organisations to improve operations and decision making across the entire industry value chain..