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Issue 03 | 2006

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Issue 03



Asia\'s two-fold opportunity

The global pharmaceutical industry today is severely affected by a combination of adverse factors fast depleting new drugs in the pipeline mounting costs of developing new drugs patent expiries of many a blockbuster of yesteryears intense competition from generics threat of counterfeits etc The tale of its woes is indeed endless


Pharmaceutical Marketing

Strategies for Asia Pacific

Development of meaningful and cohesive marketing strategies in Asia is one of the hottest topics in the pharmaceutical industry today Multinational pharmaceutical companies are increasingly looking to Asia to drive sales growth Marketing is simultaneously recognised by the industry as vital for product success and derided by the media as the main r...


Introducing patient-centred models

Many countries in the Asia Pacific region are both eagerly anticipating Koreas implementation of pharmacoeconomic guidelines later this year as well as remaining apprehensive Governments are hoping that the reimbursement requirement will provide a framework that can be adopted to improve efficiency and contain pharmaceutical spending in Asian marke...

Understanding the psyche of Asian pharma consumers

Is there a win-win partnering strategy?

Thesaurus would use the words customer and consumer interchangeably but the pharmaceutical industry would probably not For the pharmaceutical marketers the customer is distinctly different from the consumer wherein their customers are the doctors whose patients are the consumers Traditionally in many Asian countries the customers influence uniquely...


Negotiating with the USTR

Negotiating Intellectual Property Rights IPRs with the United States Trade Representative USTR is somewhat like negotiating a banana with a hungry kilogram gorilla you can try it but you are not going to get too far The USTR will use the full weight of its power to determine the market access that the negotiating partner will have in the United St...

Outsourcing preclinical and clinical R&D to China

In the noted singersongwriter Bob Dylan penned the hit song The Times They Are a Changin However in his wildest dreams I am sure that Dylan could not have imagined how prophetic his words were with regard to ChinaChina has emerged from the shadows of isolation to become a world economic power with a staggering growth rate per annum for the pa...

Research & Development

Challenges for R&D success in China

Novo Nordisk\'s experience

Novo Nordisk NN has pioneered RD in China by setting up the first pharma RD organization in Beijing in late Over the past years the RD centre has become a skilled biotechnology provider in core areas of expertise Building on the past achievements in establishing technology platforms the centre will now undertake the challenge to become a codriver...

Biopharma Convergence

Heralding a new era

It might not have been in the wildest dreams of Genentech and HoffmanLaRoche Inc that what they were about to do would be a harbinger for other biotech and pharma companies The deal between the two firms in the year is considered as the pioneer of convergence between pharma and biotech Genentech was facing an uncertain future when its sales hit at...

Clinical Trials

Growth in Japanese Clinical Trials Market

The clinical trials environment in Japan has changed dramatically over the last eight years In particular changes in the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law PAL have allowed the acceptance of foreign clinical data and fuelled the growth of the clinical trial sector in the country There is an increased need for businesses involved in clinical trials to take...


Clinical Trial Strategies for Small Pharma

Offshoring clinical research is becoming more prevalent as the biopharmaceutical industry seeks to address the escalating time and cost for drug development Implementing such a strategy in China presents three key opportunities availability of patients favourable cost structure and the worlds fastest growing pharmaceutical market These opportunitie...


BaychroMAT® CellCount

A platform for online analytical measurements

Biotechnology will continue to experience aboveaverage growth in the coming years The primary reasons for this are the increasing content of biotechnological active substances red biotechnology in drug products and regenerative fuels such as bioethanol or biodiesel white biotechnology which have become commercially attractive in light of the high p...

Micro and Nanotechnologies

From R&D to drug delivery

Micro and nanotechnologies will support pharmaceutical companies in their development strategy by providing solutions to Discover new drug candidates and therapeutic pathways Reduce new therapies development time Facilitate drugs launching with adapted delivery systems Provide better treatment performances Extend pharmaceutical products l...

Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC™)

High performance liquid chromatography HPLC has proven to be the predominant analytical technology used in laboratories worldwide during the past plus yearsOne of the primary drivers for the growth and continued use of HPLC has been the evolution of the packing materials used to effect the separation An underlying principle of HPLC dictates tha...


An economical alternative

Orally disintegrating tablets ODT are an innovative technology which disintegrates rapidly usually in a matter of seconds without the need for water providing optimal convenience to the patient Conventional tablets and capsules pose difficulty for swallowing in patient groups such as elderly children and patients mentally retarded uncooperative nau...

RFID in Pharma

An Asian perspective

RFID in healthcare is a small part of the global RFID market today but it is growing rapidly to become a US billion business by the end of A large part of this will be the tagging of pharmaceuticals for many purposes including RFIDenabled smart packaging that records usage data such as when each tablet was removed These patient compliance monitori...

Integration of Packaging Innovations

The role of packaging in Pharmaceuticals has taken an incremental leap in terms of its critical importance as an integral part of a medicine The earlier understanding that packaging is not consumed by the enduser therefore it need not be considered an integral part of the drug is fast fading off Many challenges issues and concerns faced by the glob...

Information Technology


Digital Pharma Initiative

Today life sciences companies around the world find themselves at difficult crossroads While research and development RD spending continues to grow drugs that actually make it to market are mired in a decadelong decline The reasons are numerous and complex Driven by more stringent government mandates aimed at protecting consumer safety and informat...