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Issue 45 | 2021

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Issue 45



Transformation through Digital Innovation

The COVID pandemic has accelerated change like never before and digital transformation is reshaping business models across industries including pharmaceuticals Adaptability to changing market conditions has pushed companies to evaluate and renew their business models around sustainability



What is a business model, and how can you build one?

As companies from Roche to Merck demonstrate successful adaptation begins with a shared vision of the future business model But therein lies the problem What is a business model Despite it being peppered over every meeting and filling the media there is no agreement amongst either academics or executives about the definition of this ubiquitous term

Research & Development

Nanotechnologies for Intranasal Drug Delivery

Over the last two decades science has made enormous progress in nanotechnology and in the applications in various medical fields opening the route for efficient gene therapy personalised medicine and other innovative therapeutic strategies

Vaccinated Young Adult Sera

A Cost-effective approach for protection and treatment of COVID-19

Coronavirus disease COVID is a worldwide pandemic caused by SARSCoV a highly contagious respiratory virus As of the end of August more than million cases have been recorded and led to more than million deaths

Nanotechnology-based Drug Delivery

Potential, progress and the way forward…

The concept of nanotechnology was first described by Nobel laureate Richard Feynman in a popular lecture he gave entitled Theres Plenty of Room at the Bottom on December

The Promising Future of Stem Cell-Based Therapy for Kidney Diseases

Kidney disease is a prevalent global health problem According to the World Health Organization as many as five to ten million people die annually from kidney diseases worldwide Chronic kidney disease CKD is projected to be the fifth leading cause of death worldwide by


Messenger RNA mRNA is a versatile and safe platform for the expression of proteins Unlike DNA mRNA is not integrated into the host genome and its translation machinery resides in the cytosol

Dissemination of SARS-CoV-2 and the Pathogenesis of COVID-19

Something wicked this way comes

An inverse relationship between aerosolisation of mould spores and incidence of seasonal influenzalike illnesses ILI including COVID has been demonstrated in Chicago

Clinical Trials

Design and Analysis of Cancer Clinical Trials for Personalised Medicine

Personalised medicine for cacner is a treatment module tailored to individual patients based on various factors including biomarkers Different types of biomarkers are measured from the tumour blood or urine using molecular biochemical physiological anatomical or imaging method before treatment or during the course of treatment


Biologics to Open New Revenue Streams for Indian Pharma

A leader in generic drugs production India has emerged as a generic hub in recent years Now biotechbased drug development and production is also taking rooting in India

The Link between Plant Performance & Maturity

Seeing the whole picture

Pharmaceutical plants are increasingly concerned with improving their respective maturity The numerous initiatives are labelled with terms like lean maturity assessment and improvement Quality Management Maturity Improvement etc What is less clear though is if this will have a visible impact on the performance

Information Technology


In August ransomware operators targeted the health department of the Italian region of Lazio and disabled its COVID vaccination booking system disrupting the scheduling of new vaccination appointments for days

How Risk-based Approaches to Computer System Validation Support Cost-Effective Compliance and Improved Patient Safety

At the heart of almost all life science and pharmaceutical industry operations are digital information and document handling systems From the earliest clinical phases to the last postapproval study the data and technical documentation these systems manage are essential to the safe effective creation of medicines and therapeutics for all patients


Catering to an Expanding Parenteral Drug Market

How drug manufacturers can adapt packaging for injectables to meet evolving patient needs

Prepandemic trends can feel like a distant memory but prior to the onset of the Coronavirus demand for parenteral drugs was already on the rise In alone there were nearly parenteral drugs in the pipeline

Quaternary ammonium compounds (Quats) against Viruses

Quaternary ammonium compounds Quats such as Benzalkonium Chloride are wellknown membraneactive agents interacting with the cytoplasmic membrane of bacteria and the plasma membrane of yeast