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Precision Medicine

Personalising health outcomes

In recent years precision medicine has emerged as a promising tool for providing patients suffering from complex diseases with comprehensive care Whether it is traumatic cancer cardiac disease lung disorder or COVID for that matter the precision medicine approach has proved to be very effective in improving patients health or reduction of disease s...


Innovation in pharmacovigilance

Where does Israel stand and ISOP ISRAEL role?

The Israeli pharmacovigilance system was founded recently All over the world pharmacovigilance regulations have evolved mainly from lessons learned as a reaction to safety issues that became public health issues

Understanding Bio-summary Tables for ANDA Submissions

Biosummary tables also known as Division of Bioequivalence DBE Tables are one of the main prerequisites for Module submitted to the United States Food and Drug Administration US FDA as a part of the eCTD dossier


A US perspective

When a pharmaceutical company first develops a new drug or any device to be used for the treatment of a disease it is initially marketed under a brand name by which clinicians can recommend or prescribe the drug or any device for use by patients

Biomedical Market Leaders

Learning to thrive

If you have worked in the biomedical industry for more than a couple of years you will have noticed one of its most characteristic features change Pharma medtech and related businesses operate in a complex environment of two halves the sociological and the technological Our sociological environment including demography epidemiology and politics is...

Brexit and Pharmacovigilance

Where may pharmaceutical companies go?

What may happen to sick people should medicinal products suddenly not be available owing to Brexit Some million patient packs go to the European Union EU from the United Kingdom UK every month with a further million patient packs moving from the EU to the UK

Clinical Trials


There are many advantages to studying a drugs performance under everyday conditions that cannot be matched in clinical trials which are essentially controlled experiments A traditional Randomised Controlled Trial RCT which has a specific design with established inclusion and exclusion criteria cannot anticipate all the realworld situations that can...


A laser sharp approach for complex disease indications

The finale of the th century brought fresh hopes of a revolution in medicine based on advancing knowledge of the human genome decoded The Human Genome Project was possible due to swift advances in genetic technologies that made possible the parallel testing of many Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms SNP in a cost effective manner


Future of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

The role of Automation

The AsiaPacific pharmaceutical sector is set to grow at a compound annual growth rate CAGR of per cent in the period to Manufacturers wanting to take advantage of these opportunities should stay informed about the latest trends in automation technology

Information Technology


In pharma’s rush to end the pandemic

Today we are in the midst of one of the most challenging periods of modern times The coronavirus pandemic has engulfed the world with more than million infected and million lost lives and those numbers are rising every day


Down to The Tiniest Particle

Dispersing of powders in the pharmaceutical industry

Gels creams and suspensions or coatings on tablets are among the pharmaceutical products manufactured using powders or refined powder mixtures They usually consist of an active ingredient the thickening or swelling agent such as CMC and HPMC and colourants such as iron oxide titanium dioxide or talc


Expanding into oligonucleotides

I think it is important for our customers to understand that the decision of the Bachem leadership to enter the field of oligonucleotide manufacturing was wellprepared and ultimately taken in line with the companys longterm growth plan

FPS Reactors and Process Vessels Charging Isolators

Tailor made solutions for your needs

FPS is an Italian company specialised in the design and manufacture of containment isolation systems and micronisation solutions for the handling and production of active and sterile pharmaceutical ingredients it is mainly addressed to pharmaceutical chemical and cosmetic companies all over the world

Bioreactor Automation Enhances Productivity with Biologics

Driven by real-time sensing

In the quest for improved quality and productivity in drug manufacturing the industry is moving toward increasing use of bioreactor systems with realtime integrated monitoring and advanced analytics that have the potential to enable automation drive performance and improve datarich quality control

Functional Respiratory Imaging

An innovation at just the right time

COVID has made the demand for innovative diagnostic techniques greater than everWe are having difficulty bringing the pandemic under control partly because the tools we use to detect and treat the disease are not sufficiently responsive to the situation

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