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Issue 04 | 2007

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Issue 04



Kittens to Tigers

Kittens to Tigers

These are tough days for worlds Big Pharma Depleting pipelines patent expirations soaring RD costs and risks etc have all put the Big Pharma in rough weather Against this backdrop fast growing Asian economies notably China and India represent new horizons of opportunities The silver lining to this gloomy scenario is the fast transforming Indian ph...


Indian Pharma

The Discovery Metamorphosis

With NCEs in the pipeline the Indian pharma has adopted the innovation path with enthusiastic diligence More than a dozen Indian companies are now focussing on novel drug discovery and taking different routes viz partnering with international pharma companies outlicensing researching collaboratively with government and academic institutions etc Th...

A New Paradigm for the Indian Pharma Industry

A New Paradigm for the Indian Pharma Industry

Where do you think the Asian pharma market stands today against the global market in terms of drug discoveryThe Economists Pharmaceutical Survey The Next Big Thing June mentioned that in the year Chinas and Indias share of global drug development was only This share of the drug development pie is likely to rise dramatically from these

Interview- Innovation

The Key Driver

Where do you think the Asian pharma market stands today against the global market in terms of drug discoveryFrom a global front the US Europe and Japan are still the leaders and they will continue to dominate the drug discovery space in terms of coming out with molecules primarily because they have been in the field of discovering new drugs for...

Drug Discovery and Development

An Indian Perspective

Before embarking upon a discussion on the role of Indian pharmaceutical industry in the development of drugs for the world market it might be beneficial to review the dilemma faced by leading pharmaceutical companies of the world Companies like Merck were the darlings of Wall Street as well as the public at large However the scenario started changi...

The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

Promises and perils

The pharmaceutical industry is a risky business but in some ways the key promises of safety integrity transparency compliance and corporate sustainability have not changed over time The way promises must be delivered however is changing fundamentally Pharmaceutical companies increasingly are relying on others to play key roles in this new system an...

Fulfilling the Promise of China

Fulfilling the Promise of China

In recent years emerging markets have been rapidly gaining importance world wide And this is certainly the case with pharmaceuticals The dominance of the US and larger markets remains but as overall growth continues to slowreaching just in emerging markets are stepping up the pace Since their share of global pharmaceutical market growth has risen...

Research & Development

Electronic Health Records and Clinical Research

Electronic Health Records and Clinical Research

The past ten years have been a time of revolutionary change in both clinical research and healthcare The clinical documentation tasks in both of these industries are undergoing a complete transition from paper to electronic data entry and processing In healthcare Electronic Health Records EHR have been extensively adopted in some healthcare setting...

Pharmacogenomics and Personalised Medicine

Synergy Between the Industry and Academia

Personalised medicine and individualised drug therapy are terms that characterise an evolving goal of therapeutics Although studies in the underlying science that facilitate personalised medicine were primarily initiated by investigators in government and academic laboratories some in the pharmaceutical industry have been active participants or int...

Clinical Trials

Ethics in Clinical Trials and Drug Development

Ready to fulfill its Destiny?

Ethical considerations have been part of the conduct of studies with humans for several decades However it is only since WW II and several abusive trial situations coming to attention that ethical considerations have become a prominent and critical part of the conduct of clinical trials both for safety and wellbeing of the subjects or volunteers en...

Decision Making in Drug Development

Innovative designs

Early clinical drug development is targeted at gathering information about the toxicity and efficacy of a new drug compound Phase I trials determine the maximum tolerated dose of a drug while Phase II trials explore efficacy and lead to a critical decision of gonogo in terms of continuing a drugs clinical program Bayesian designs are particularly s...

Foreign Biotech Trials In Asia

Emerging Trends

It has been suggested that the biotech sector in the Asia Pacific region is rapidly growing and could become a serious competitor to the US biotech industry However regulatory hurdles lack of intellectual property protection as well as cultural factors could slow down the sectors developmentIn this rapidly globalising world drug companies wishi...


Plant Automation in Pharma

An Asian perspective

The global production value of the pharmaceutical industry is expected to grow from US billion in to about US billion by The pharmaceutical industry is in rapid transition from a supplydriven market to a demand and servicedriven market where manufacturing efficiency and responsiveness will play a critical role in future successManufacturing...

Single-use / Disposable Technology

Considerations for Biopharmaceutical Facility Design

The biopharmaceutical industry is rapidly adopting singleuse disposable technology SU DT for clinical product launch and commercial production facilities to provide costeffective and flexible process capabilities Langer and Ranck These recent technologies have requirements advantages and disadvantages that differ from Traditional Reusable Techno...

Information Technology

Operational Excellence

IT governance, Enterprise Architecture and service management

IT governance is currently a key topic for many IT functions Its definition varies very often but key themes remain essential for all companies effectiveness efficiency and reliability Business value and risk mitigation are also at the centre of this domain It represents a significant part of enterprise governance and due to the horizontal nature o...

Knowledge Tools

Increasing role in drug development

Both academia and the health industry generate immense amounts of scientific data during their research efforts As a result the academic and industry researchers often find themselves in a position of having more data than they can effectively manage and interpret In addition to data generated directly by researchers huge amount of data is accessib...

IT in Pharma

Countering the Information Security Risk

Routine security procedures and regulations fall desperately short of securing a pharmaceutical companys IT systems putting trade secrets as well as employee and customer information at risk of devastating lossesElectronic thieves and hackers have evolved from juveniles taking a joyride through corporate networks into organised criminals in rem...

Right prescription for the Growth of Pharmaceutical Companies

Right prescription for the Growth of Pharmaceutical Companies

The pharmaceutical market in Asia has undergone a paradigm shift in the past few years The major global pharmaceutical companies have shifted their focus to this region to drive their revenue growth Moreover the domestic companies in Asia are also actively participating in the global drug development process At present the pharmaceutical market in...