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Kittens to Tigers

Kittens to Tigers

Globalisation free trade investment entrepreneurial zeal are all set to metamorphose Indian pharma companies that were once labelled as the copy cat drug makers into discoveryled firms..


Fulfilling the Promise of China

Fulfilling the Promise of China

Sustained economic growth and tremendous unmet needs in important therapeutic areas in China are creating huge potential for the industry but the ability to adapt successful practices to the nuances of the local market will be critical..

The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

Promises and perils

The Indian pharmaceutical industry has evolved substantially and transformed itself from a reverse engineering led industryfocussed on the domestic marketto a researchdriven exportoriented industry with a global presence..

Drug Discovery and Development

An Indian Perspective

India is on the threshold of drug discovery research where the next few years are going to be the most critical..

Interview- Innovation

The Key Driver

In the next five years Indian pharma will do well in terms of gaining a fair understanding and being able to further evolve the drug discovery environment in India..

A New Paradigm for the Indian Pharma Industry

A New Paradigm for the Indian Pharma Industry

Our strategy is based on our belief that Indian scientists can become creators of intellectual property rather than be copiers..

Indian Pharma

The Discovery Metamorphosis


Research & Development

Pharmacogenomics and Personalised Medicine

Synergy Between the Industry and Academia

Genetic passportsderived from the Human Genome HapMap Projectshelp guide the choice and dosing of drugs throughout each individuals lifetime..

Electronic Health Records and Clinical Research

Electronic Health Records and Clinical Research

Despite the value of combining EHR and EDC for multicentre trials we are many years away from a standard usable process for this..

Clinical Trials

Foreign Biotech Trials In Asia

Emerging Trends

Asian countries seem to be welcoming foreign clinical trials which create job opportunities for researchers scientists and medical professionals and also bring new therapies to the country..

Decision Making in Drug Development

Innovative designs

Bayesian designs are particularly suited for early drug development as they combine historical information with current trial data to make decisions on toxicity efficacy or futility..

Ethics in Clinical Trials and Drug Development

Ready to fulfill its Destiny?

Ethical considerations have a multiplicity of roles during the conduct of clinical trialsfrom matters related to the design of a study to the conduct and even to the reporting of results..


Single-use / Disposable Technology

Considerations for Biopharmaceutical Facility Design

Singleuse disposable technology offers a costeffective and flexible process design for biopharmaceutical manufacturing facilities..

Plant Automation in Pharma

An Asian perspective

Automation platforms that can be easily expanded to other process automation applications within the manufacturing facility would significantly reduce cost involved in ensuring regulatory compliance..

Information Technology

Right prescription for the Growth of Pharmaceutical Companies

Right prescription for the Growth of Pharmaceutical Companies

The IT spending of companies reflects their strategies to introduce new drugs enter new markets and be more competitive in the challenging Asian pharmaceutical market..

IT in Pharma

Countering the Information Security Risk

IT breaches lead to identity theft counterfeit drugs low productivity and revenue loss..

Knowledge Tools

Increasing role in drug development

By using knowledge tools to better understand a potential new drugs effectiveness and safety early in the development process it becomes possible to terminate potentially problematic drugs earlier saving both time and money..

Operational Excellence

IT governance, Enterprise Architecture and service management

IT governance defines a structure of relationships processes and measures to direct and control IT in order to achieve the enterprises goals..